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Useful lesson plan template in french My Teaching Portf - E.G., College students may be capable of [content analysis] via [product and activity]. college students will be in a position to analyze the ancient content material to connect the french revolution to the american revolution by using searching at primary and secondary resources.

Summarize the step-by means of-step parts of the lesson with time estimates for every component. 1. Quick video of assessment from versaille: countdown to revolution. Why turned into the assembly of the 3 estates unequal? (Five min) 2. Examine painting of the tennis courtroom oath. How does it relate to the previous lesson? (5 min) 3. Lectures about the cease of the french revolution and the reign of terror (30 min) four. Students look over documents and pictures from the lecture and decide if the revolution may be considered a social, monetary, or political difficulty. (10 min) five. Students, the use of their prior expertise of the yankee revolution, examine and evaluation the actions and reasoning in the back of the french revolution. (10 min) 6. 5 minute stretch-spoil. (Five min) 7. Begin lecture at the haitian revolution, what changed into haiti to the french. (15 min) eight. Have students do a quick proper on why, given the statistics given inside the beginning of the haitian revolution lecture, a revolution would arise within the colony. That is there exit slip. (10 min).

€? historical wondering skill: o purpose and consequence o contrast • not unusual middle requirements: § studying standards • cite unique textual proof to guide evaluation of primary and secondary resources, getting to such capabilities because the date and starting place of the facts. • decide the primary ideas or statistics of a number one or secondary source; offer an correct summary of how key events or ideas develop over the direction of the textual content. • examine in element a chain of occasions described in a text; determine whether in advance events triggered later ones or genuinely preceded them. • compare and comparison remedies of the identical topic in numerous number one and secondary resources. • content standards o 10.2.3: recognize the unique individual of the yankee revolution, its spread to other parts of the world, and its persevering with significance to other countries. o 10.2.3: provide an explanation for how the ideology of the french revolution led france to develop from constitutional monarchy to democratic despotism to the napoleonic empire.

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