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Useful english lesson plan grade 7 Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 7 - Docum - Appropriate liza! Do you still have any question or clarification regarding our final subject matter? 4. Englishproficient oriental people nowadays. Motivation none ma’am elegance here is the copy of the article approximately “the humans of the philippines” by way of the philippine tourism promotions board. Both in look and tradition. Please bypass it in your classmate we are able to communicate about filipino people any one who desires to study? (College students pas the handouts) the human beings of the philippines by the philippine tourism promotios board the filipino people is basically of malay stock with a sprinkling of chinese. The filipinos are divided . From a protracted history of western colonial rule. The close family relations are stated to had been inherited from the chinese. The bayanihan or spirit of kinship and camaraderie that filipinos are famous for is stated to be taken from malay forefathers. The filipino man or woman is actually a bit little bit of all the cultures put together. If now not the only. Pilipino is the respectable countrywide language. And it's miles tough to differentiate appropriately the traces among shares. With english considered as the u . S . A .??s unofficial one. The philippines has a population of 70 million. Goals at the end of the duration, with at the least 70% passing, the students might be capable of the following effects. a. Examine the text “the people of the philippines.?? b. Explain the unique features of the filipino humans. c. Pronounce efficaciously some vital vowel and consonant based on a few components of the article. d. Gift a group interest that shows the qualities of the filipino people. Learning activities teacher’s hobby i. routine 1. Prayer let us pray first, may i ask kim to lead the prayer? thanks kim. appropriate morning, elegance! before you're taking your seat please arrange your chair nicely and select up the portions of paper beneath your chair. 2. Checking of attendance now, allow us to check the attendance, magnificence president can we have absentees today? 3. Evaluate now allow us to have a short overview about our topic closing time. Who would love to remind us? yes liza?.

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