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Top sample of 4a's lesson plan Sample Lesson Plan 4 A's - Docum - A. Preparation starting prayer checking of attendance checking p.E uniforms 1. Motivation what are your peak and weight while you are in grade 5? How approximately your peak whilst you sit down? And even your arm? Elegance what do you believe you studied is the cause why i assignment all of you to research about anthropometric size? The trainer might be given new agencies so one can decide their body height and body mass, sitting height and arm span b. Developmental of the lesson: 1. The teacher will explain the purpose of every kind of check, the equipment for use and the process for the check. Why can we need to understand the degree of our peak and weight or maybe the sitting peak and arm span?. Subject count laptop and network factor and its capabilities, lesson 2 on unit 1, module on pc 10, by way of vincent p. Celda (unpublished). Substances: laptop parts, one of a kind networking additives (lan cards, routers, transfer/hub, cat5e utp cables with rj 45 connectors on each ends), charts,, pentel pens. Technique a. Preliminary sports 1. Checking of assignments 2. Motivation: * let them see a rubiks dice * let them recognise the difference between a dice and a rectangular prism 3. Drill: mental computation four. Overview: a. What's the system in locating the quantity of a cube? B. What is the formula in locating the quantity of a rectangular prism? B. Developmental sports 1. A. What is a rectangular prism? B. What number of levels do square prism have? 2. A. What's the formulation in finding the quantity of a square prism? B. Locate the volume of a rectangular prism v=? L= 7.Eight m w= 3.5 m h= 1.Three m 3. V=? L= 9.3 m w= 4.9 m h= three.8 m. Method a. Review a. What's pc configuration? B. What's using pc configuration? B. Motivation a. Would you like to analyze configure to computers all through your self? B. Why might you want to recognise a way to configure? C. Getting to know activities a. Interest can you listing some important components of the pc determined within the casing? What are their capabilities? Show your answers via this chart. A part of a computer function 1. 2. Three. Four. 5. B. Evaluation 1. What did you do within the pastime? 2. What did you examine from the interest? C. Abstraction displaying energy factor presentation (lesson proper).

Write the solution and entire the table beneath. 1. Dispensing activity cards.2. V = 360 dm3 l=? W = 12 dm h = 3 dm . V= ? L = eleven cm w = 8 cm h = 14 cm `three. What formulas are we going to apply? D. Iv. V = 372 cm3 l = 31 cm w=? H=3m 2. Period three dm 20 cm width 60 dm 10 cm peak 50 dm 100 cm3 extent v. Mission discover each missing quantity/entity. Software locate the volume of a rectangular prism and its lacking entities. Assessment discover the volume of a square prism. Targets learning final results 1: plan and prepare for configuration 1. Discover the essential pc factor utilized in configuration 2. Determine the features of each laptop element utilized in configuring. 3. Supply the maximum essential thing that plays a vital role in a network.

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