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Top english lesson plan k to 12 Grade 5 K-12 PowerPoint Lessons - DepEd - Subject rely pc and network component and its features, lesson 2 on unit 1, module on computer 10, via vincent p. Celda (unpublished). Substances: computer elements, specific networking additives (lan playing cards, routers, transfer/hub, cat5e utp cables with rj 45 connectors on both ends), charts,, pentel pens. Procedure a. Overview a. What is computer configuration? B. What is the use of computer configuration? B. Motivation a. Might you want to analyze configure to computer systems all by way of yourself? B. Why could you want to know the way to configure? C. Getting to know activities a. Pastime can you list a few crucial components of the computer found within the casing? What are their functions? Show your answers via this chart. A part of a laptop feature 1. 2. Three. Four. 5. B. Evaluation 1. What did you do in the activity? 2. What did you learn from the hobby? C. Abstraction showing energy factor presentation (lesson proper). Utility find the extent of a rectangular prism and its missing entities. 1. Dispensing pastime playing cards. V = 360 dm3 l=? W = 12 dm h = three dm . What formulation are we going to apply? D. Challenge locate every missing variety/entity.2. V= ? L = 11 cm w = eight cm h = 14 cm `three. V = 372 cm3 l = 31 cm w=? H=3m 2. Duration 3 dm 20 cm width 60 dm 10 cm top 50 dm a hundred cm3 quantity v. Iv. Write the solution and complete the desk under. Assessment locate the extent of a rectangular prism. Targets mastering outcome 1: plan and put together for configuration 1. Perceive the essential computer issue utilized in configuration 2. Decide the capabilities of each computer issue used in configuring. 3. Provide the maximum important element that plays a crucial function in a network.

Published by: huxford nielsen resolution: 791x1024px magnificence: lesson plan, extra >> published at: tuesday, december 12 2017 01:25:sixteen format: jpg/jpeg as soon as you've got a extensive define for the 12 months, you will add sub-skills which should be covered each semester. You may inside the language arts divide the numerous punctuation marks and their rules up over 4 semesters. Your language sub capabilities such as sentence kinds might have to be included with the creation of a announcement requiring a period; a question which need to take a question mark and so on. You could regularly upload in your making plans in order that through the last semester you may flow to the regulations for direct and indirect speech, once all of the necessary punctuation marks had been protected. Procedure a. Initial activities 1. Checking of assignments 2. Motivation: * allow them to see a rubiks cube * let them know the difference between a dice and a rectangular prism 3. Drill: intellectual computation four. Evaluation: a. What is the system in finding the volume of a cube? B. What is the system in locating the extent of a rectangular prism? B. Developmental sports 1. A. What is a square prism? B. What number of levels do rectangular prism have? 2. A. What's the formulation in finding the extent of a rectangular prism? B. Discover the quantity of a rectangular prism v=? L= 7.8 m w= 3.Five m h= 1.3 m 3. V=? L= 9.3 m w= 4.Nine m h= 3.Eight m.

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