Special Edtpa Task 1 Lesson Plan Template Part C: Planning Commen

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Special edtpa task 1 lesson plan template Part C: Planning Commen - 1. Principal awareness a. Describe the important recognition and purpose of the content material you may teach in the gaining knowledge of segment. [“evaluate the change in the economy after black tuesday and how the great depression changed the course of us history” is my central focus. The standard that i am focusing on is hs 1 and it states that my students should “evaluate continuity and change over the course of world and united states history.?? the purpose of this lesson is to show how things changed in relation to the economy. Many of my students will have very little knowledge about the economy at all so i want them to get a better understanding of that as well. I also want them to understand how the economy changed when compare to the 1920s. The prosperity of the 1920s is very prosperous and in 1929, there is a sharp decline. I want them to understand this change and even make connection to the present with this unit. I also want them to understand how the life of the american people changed in the 1930s. It changed a lot between those two decades, so they will be able to make this connection to how life changed as well. This unit is mostly about the economy and its changes between the 1920s and the 1930s, but it will also be focused on the american people and the changes in american society.] b. Given the principal recognition, describe how the standards and learning goals within your learning segment deal with  information and ideas. Prepared and intentional assessments are an imperative part of making plans and evaluation duties. Exams are also a side of practise, together with making ready inquiries to ask students in advance of time, for selling engagement or deepening mastering. Exams must range to produce quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (descriptive) sorts of statistics. For example, evaluating correct solutions to goal gadgets on pre-assessment (series begin) and publish-evaluation (collection give up) effects can show entire-magnificence and character scholar studying over time. Mission 1: planning commentary reply to the activates below (no greater than nine unmarried-spaced pages, inclusive of activates) by using typing your responses inside the brackets. Do now not delete or alter the activates. Pages exceeding the maximum will no longer be scored.

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