Interesting Activities For Kg Class Pieces By Polly: Kindergarten Pi-Day Activi

View Large Image Interesting Activities For Kg Class Pieces By Polly: Kindergarten Pi-Day Activi

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Thanks so very an awful lot for taking the tme to make this post! It changed into extremely good to get a sense for the drift of your day, and an concept of your pacing. It is also thrilling to see that only a few kindergarten teachers have play time any more. I assume with hands-on, fun work stations in each math and reading it's miles do-in a position. You are as splendid a instructor of different teachers as you are of little kinders!! Thanks for all of the links and examples ????. I really like your fraction ideas! I am going to position it in my math folder to use this closing zone in kindergarten. I'm sad that i got at the back of in following your weblog and we neglected celebrating pi day! My 7th grader just completed studying all approximately circles and pi. Super thoughts!. I actually like the paper plate fractions. This is some thing my kiddos could make on their personal. Fractions are so much less complicated to recognize while they're experienced through palms-on exploration. This can work incredible at some point of our math investigation time.

Kindergarten is one of these a laugh yr for writing and studying progress. I wish i would have stored more samples from my years of teaching through the years as every child has such a unique style! youngster.

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