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Good lesson plan for teaching simple past tense LESSON PLAN FOR TEACHING ENGLISH TO ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS. - You - Lesson: grammar: beyond continuous anxious elegance: i-8 level: primary date: 4 may additionally 2011 time: 7.50-eight.35 lesson pursuits: college students can be capable of apprehend the utilization and form of gift non-stop nerve-racking; to understand it and to use it in examples, written and oral language. materials wished: photo fundamental scholar’s ebook; workbook; handouts degree time pastime method beginning 5 warm-up - t writes sentences at the board underlining the verb word - t asks ss approximately this aggravating: have you ever heard of past continuous earlier than? Do you already know the way to shape it? Which auxiliary verb will we need? exercise 10 writing talking - t then writes terrible and question form of the sentences in past non-stop stressful and discusses with ss the manner they're fashioned. - t explains the usage of this demanding in language. - ss open p.Fifty six of their pupil’s books and take a look at the grammar phase 7. - ss will copy this segment in their notebooks and t will provide an explanation for the usage of the text from the scholar’s e book. t asks is everything clear, are there any problems? practice 10 speakme - ss do the assignment, p.Fifty six of their student’s books nine practice - ss work in pairs and ask every other questions from the exercising and solution them - t checks ss work and facilitates them. - two or three pairs will present their dialogue earlier than the entire class - ss do a short mission on handouts - entire elegance check exercise 15 writing speakme - ss do the assignment: workbook, pp. 38-39 - primarily based at the pix ss will whole the verbal exchange the use of past continuous nerve-racking. - entire elegance take a look at. finishing five speakme - t asks volunteers to repeat the primary factors of forming and usage of past continuous annoying. - t asks if there are any problems - homework: do the exercising eight on your workbooks, p.39 board past continuous demanding - i used to be expecting any individual while you arrived. - john changed into talking with me when the cellphone rang. - question: turned into i anticipating anyone...? - poor: i was no longer (wasn’t) watching for everybody whilst... - my buddies have been paying attention to track when i came in. - have been my friends paying attention to track after i came in? - my buddies weren’t taking note of track when i got here in. s was/had been v -ing turned into/have been s v -ing? s changed into/were now not v -ing become- 1 st and 3 rd character singular at the same time as- introduces the clauses in beyond non-stop while- introduces the clauses in beyond easy hw: do exercise 8 to your workbooks, p.39 instructor:.

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