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Best lesson plan in tle Lesson Plan in Tle - Docum - Slideshare makes use of cookies to enhance capability and overall performance, and to offer you with applicable advertising. If you continue surfing the web page, you agree to the use of cookies in this internet site. See our person agreement and privacy policy. Ed 03-principles of teaching lesson plan in tle iv i. Targets: on the quit of the lesson, the students are expected to: a. Explain what a computer is. b. Pick out the exclusive parts of the laptop and its functions. c. Take a look at the significance of computer systems in today’s international. d. Carry out the simple instructions of a laptop. ii. Difficulty rely: a. Title: basic standards in laptop operations b. Reference: generation and livelihood training iv pgs. 403-413 with the aid of ana g. Ofiasa et al iii. Substances: computer laptop, projector (for visible aid), non-functioning ram chips, keyboard, mouse, different pc parts available a field containing the names of the pc elements provided and prizes for the game. iv. Lesson proper/methods: a. Every day habitual 1. Prayer 2. Greetings 3. Checking of attendance b. Motivation the class will play an identical recreation. On a long desk in the front of the class are the parts of a computer and on a box are the swimming pools of pre-made names of these elements. He will then name a scholar at random to become aware of a laptop element with the aid of selecting the right call of that element from the pool of names within the field. The scholar will then describe the component and its feature and significance. if the student responded efficiently, a corresponding prize might be given. c. Lesson right  right here is a visual resource concerning our subject rely.  observe me as i discuss the lesson  show the way to perform primary pc commands the usage of the computing device pc short lesson plan | danilo blanco jr ed 03-standards of teaching d. Dialogue questions for dialogue: 1. What's a pc? 2. What are the distinct elements of the computer? e. Value integration  respect the importance of computers in nowadays’s world.  display a number of the crucial makes use of of computers in specific fields. f. Application 1. Name a scholar to illustrate how to name a document in the pc. 2. Name a student to illustrate the way to replica a report 3. Name a student to demonstrate the way to retrieve and open a deleted document. v. Evaluation identity 1. What is likewise called the “brains” of the computer? 2. What is a fixed of commands that directs a computer to perform some processing characteristic or a combination of capabilities? 3. It refers to the primary operating machine of the laptop. 4. A trojan horse spreads unwarranted interior a computer unfavorable or affecting the performance of the pc. five. Those are additives like keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner and screen. vi. Mission/agreement give some different enormous uses of computers on the fields of drugs, business, training, government and technology apart from the ones discussed within the lesson. prepared with the aid of: danilo a. Blanco jr.

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